John Wyck's 2-Wick Collection

John Wyck's 2-Wick Collection

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Ever wonder what John Wick's essence smells like?

Its smells like gunsmoke, cute puppies and a hint of #2 pencil.
Well not really, we made that up.

John Wick isn't real either.

But our John Wycks candle is, and has a great masculine scent profile.
Its a earthy scent with hints of Bergamot, Birch, and Cedarwood.

It makes a great gift for your own action hero.
***Bullets are not real - they are made of wax ****

**Pencil not included**

2-wick candle is ideal for an open floor plan when a stronger scent is desired.

Cotton Wick

Dimensions:  4.24” high

Diameter 3 7/8”

Burn time is approximately 75 hours.

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