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Hysteria 2-Wick Candle 14oz

Hysteria 2-Wick Candle 14oz

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A mixture of Wisteria and Hydrangea.  This has a sweet and clean scent.  The combination of the wisteria, which is floral and sweet very much like lilac, combined with the Hydrangea fragrance which compliments subtle and sweet floral aroma with a hint of sandalwood

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils including orange and lilac  with undertones of cloves and musk.

2-wick candles are ideal for an open floor plan when a stronger scent is desired.

H: 4 1/4"  D: 3 7/8"
14 oz Net wt.
Approximate Burn Time ~ Up to 75 hours

Soy wax blend

Double Cotton wick

Made in the USA

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